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The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program is a project-focused program offered through Strengthening Neighborhoods that supports grassroots leaders.  Participants will develop their own personal leadership skills such as conflict management, meeting facilitation, project planning, and working with power holders while developing an actual project for engaging and strengthening their community.  Training sessions are offered in both English and spanish.

The Strengthening Neighborhoods Program has conducted the Neighborhood Leadership Development Program for several years.  In 2010, staff began implementing new interactions of the training: custom-fit for a single school (Crawford Elementary in Original Aurora), truncated for a specific audience (neighborhood associations in Commerce City with Commerce City Community Enterprise), and now seeks grantees that may be interested in a year-long or multi-year training supporting their social-change campaigns.  For more information, please contact David Portillo at (303) 996-7338.


2007-2008 Annual Report -- Leadership

Download the Strengthening Neighborhoods 2007-2008 Annual Report

  • focusing on the goal of building neighborhood leaders.